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Happy Birthday Donovan! Jack White, Donovan, The Raconteurs, and ‘Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)’  //

Jack White is one of the hippest musical artists in the world. He embraces the coolest traditions in his music and in his life. Rolling Stone published a story on Jack White and The Raconteurs covering Donovan’s “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)” on their new LP, Help Us Stranger. Jon Blistein writes for Rolling Stone: […]

The Golden Doors to Infinity Opening at Govinda Gallery at Montserrat House  //

Golden Doors to Infinity installation. Photo by Chris Murray. It was a beautiful day for the opening of the Golden Doors to Infinity installation. It was the first time the public had the opportunity to see Bill Adair’s extraordinary project that he has worked on for nine years. Here are photographs of the opening event. Govinda […]

Bruce Springsteen and Danny Clinch Rock the House!  //

When I heard “A Night to Remember,” an evening in support of The Kristen Ann Carr Fund, was honoring photographer Danny Clinch, I knew I had to be there. Danny had his first exhibition at Govinda Gallery in September 2001. He was also featured in the traveling museum exhibition, Sound and Vision: Monumental Rock & Roll […]

RIP Carl Nicholas Titolo…With An Appreciation From Richard Lewis  //

When comedian and actor, Richard Lewis, contacted me about his book project, Reflections from Hell: Richard Lewis’ Guide on How Not to Live, I did not know I was about to meet a genius visual artist named Carl Titolo. It was my good fortune to edit Lewis and Titolo’s book, Reflections from Hell, and to bring it to […]

Your Invitation to “Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964” Photographs by Ted Russell  //

                    About to go onstage, Gerde’s Folk City, Greenwich Village. 1961. Photo by Ted                                        Russell.                       Suze […]

Govinda Gallery at Montserrat House: William B. Adair’s “Golden Doors to Infinity”  //

                                              Removal of Doubt Door, 2015, Gold Leaf,                                                    […]

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, Andy Warhol, Brooke Shields, and Chris Makos  //

I just saw the amazing film, Apollo 11. It is as The New York Times film critic Glenn Kenny called it, “awe-inspiring.” Govinda Gallery presented Andy Warhol‘s last prints, The Moonwalk, in 1988, which featured Apollo 11 pilot Buzz Aldrin holding the American flag on the moon. It is 50 years since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong […]

Tom Meyer  //

  “Untitled” by Tom Meyer Tom Meyer’s first exhibition in the spring of 2018 was a phenomenon. He showed 51 paintings and every one of them found collectors who wanted them. The exhibition sold out. It’s not everyday one discovers a fully realized collection of paintings by a self-taught artist. During Meyer’s exhibition at Addison […]

Christopher Makos, Andy Warhol, and Chris Murray  //

                        Chris Murray, Andy Warhol, and Chris Makos, Morgan’s Hotel, NYC, 1985.                                                Photo from Govinda Gallery Archive. Chris Makos is a […]

Christopher Makos  //

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