Tom Meyer


“Untitled” by Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer’s first exhibition in the spring of 2018 was a phenomenon. He showed 51 paintings and every one of them found collectors who wanted them. The exhibition sold out. It’s not everyday one discovers a fully realized collection of paintings by a self-taught artist.

During Meyer’s exhibition at Addison Ripley Gallery, organized in association with Govinda Gallery, the National Gallery of Art in Washington was presenting “Outliers and American Vanguard Art.” In his forward to the catalog of the exhibition, Earl “Rusty” Powell, the director of the National Gallery of Art, wrote that the exhibition was, “bringing to light suppressed and forgotten creators, artwork, and histories.” Tom Meyer is an outlier, and his work exists between the margins and the mainstream of the art world. It is compelling work.

Tom Meyer’s paintings are available through Govinda Gallery.

Paintings by Tom Meyer. Click an image to launch slideshow.

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