Govinda Gallery at Montserrat House: William B. Adair’s “Golden Doors to Infinity”

by Chris Murray on March 27, 2019

                                              Removal of Doubt Door, 2015, Gold Leaf,                                                                                                    Acrylic, Ink & Oil.

Invitation to the opening on April 20th.

The Guilder’s Door, 2019, Amboy Crater, Mojave Desert.

William B. Adair is producing a multifaceted, ongoing conceptual art project, where abandoned doors become portals to cross-generational discourse, carrying with them the voices of artists and individuals. Collecting discarded doors and covering them with gold, Adair then presents them to the public to be written and marked upon. These “golden doors to infinity” absorb the thoughts, words and images of their surrounding communities on an ever-changing surface, overlapping, abrading and referencing the history and value that they are built upon. Functioning as living timelines of interpersonal histories, the doors are covered in gold and the viewers become participants in their creation.

Adair’s unique background as a visual artist has engrained in him a deep knowledge of visual history, he sees not just into a work of art from the outside, but out from the artwork and into the world it reflects.

This is the first public installation of the Golden Doors to Infinity project.

Cosmic Star Light, 2012, 18″ x 24″, Watercolor study.

                      William B. Adair in the Mojave Desert.

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1 response to “Govinda Gallery at Montserrat House: William B. Adair’s “Golden Doors to Infinity””

  1. Bruce Bishop says:

    The doors, worthy objects in themselves, encourage giving our attention to the broader environment, the “frames,” as it were, in which we make our lives. This is the Negative space for our Positive reflection.
    Well Done!

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