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The Wailers in Washington with Junior Marvin, ‘Family Man,’ and Donald Kinsey  //

What a night it will be with The Wailers at Hamilton Live on February 17th. Junior Marvin, who performed and recorded with Bob Marley since the Exodus album until his passing, is playing with The Wailers. Junior is one of the great guitarists of our time, and it is a rare opportunity to see him […]

Richard Evans Schultes Lost Amazon Exhibition at Claustro San Ignacio in Medellín  //

Richard Evans Schultes, circa 1943, Colombia S.A. Govinda Gallery held the first exhibition of Richard Evans Schultes’ remarkable photographs of the Amazon in the spring of 2006. That exhibition celebrated the publication of The Lost Amazon: The Photographic Journey of Richard Evans Schultes (Chronicle Books). I collaborated on that book with Wade Davis and edited […]

Happy Birthday Elvis!  //

Elvis Reading Fan Mail. © Alfred Wertheimer. Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday. This photo of Elvis was taken by the late, great Alfred Wertheimer in New York City at the Warwick Hotel in 1956, just a few weeks after Elvis’ 21st birthday. The cover of Elvis 1956, published on the occasion of the Smithsonian traveling […]

“Cuba es por Cultura.” Dance, Photography, Fashion and Music in Havana  //

I went to Havana a couple of weeks ago to pick up Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan from the extraordinary exhibition earlier this year at Fototeca de Cuba, Cuba’s national photo gallery. As always seems to be the case, there were several compelling creative projects going on during my visit. Gran Teatro de la […]

Fats Domino, Bob Dylan and Baron Wolman, Happy Thanksgiving!  //

Bob Dylan, Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13, 1979-1981. I saw Bob Dylan in concert last week at The Anthem in Washington, DC, and it was a remarkable show. Just the week before, I bought Bob Dylan: Trouble No More, the latest in The Bootleg Series, the day it was released on November […]

Artist Carl Titolo’s Sketchbooks, Richard Lewis and Larry David  //

Richard Lewis calls the artist Carl Titolo a genius.  Lewis knows what he is talking about. Lewis, a comedic genius himself, who collects Titolo’s paintings, asked the artist and professor to “shed some light on my darkness” by creating images to illustrate Lewis’ stream-of-consciousness thoughts for his book Reflections from Hell: Richard Lewis’ Guide on […]

Rihanna, Bob Marley and David Burnett  //

Rihanna enjoying David Burnett’s classic photographs of Bob Marley. David Burnett’s photographs and his book, Soul Rebel, are available through Govinda Gallery. David Burnett, Soul Rebel (Insight Editions, 2009).

Donovan, Carl Bernstein and The Washington Post, 50 Years Ago Today  //

It was 50 years ago today that The Washington Post published a review of Donovan’s concert at the DAR Constitution Hall, written by none other than Carl Bernstein, who several years later would win the Pulitzer Prize and who came to be known as one of America’s most renowned investigative journalists for his reporting of […]

Enda Kenny, Patti Smith and Carlotta Hester  //

It was a great pleasure this past July 4th to meet our friend Enda Kenny, Ireland’s Prime Minister from 2011 to 2017, at his private office in the Government Buildings in Dublin. I presented him with a copy of Patti Smith: American Artist, the book I edited featuring Frank Stefanko’s beautiful photographs of the Irish […]

Happy Birthday Bruce!  //

Bruce Springsteen’s birthday is this Saturday, September 23rd. Happy Birthday Bruce! Crawdaddy Magazine Party, June 8, 1976. Photograph by David Gahr. Copyright The Estate of David Gahr.

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