Richard Evans Schultes Lost Amazon Exhibition at Claustro San Ignacio in Medellín

by Chris Murray on January 23, 2018

Richard Evans Schultes, circa 1943, Colombia S.A.

Govinda Gallery held the first exhibition of Richard Evans Schultes’ remarkable photographs of the Amazon in the spring of 2006. That exhibition celebrated the publication of The Lost Amazon: The Photographic Journey of Richard Evans Schultes (Chronicle Books). I collaborated on that book with Wade Davis and edited the photos and wrote the afterword.

Caño Guacaya, Río Miritíparaná, April 1952. Photograph by Richard Evans Schultes.

I was very pleased when Parque Explora in Medellín, Colombia acquired a collection of Schultes’ photographs and exhibited them in December of 2010. Parque Explora has continued their wonderful program of exhibiting Schultes’ photos with an exhibition at Festival de Cine de Jardín, in Jardín Antioquia last summer, and now at an exhibition in Comfama Claustro San Ignacio, in Medellín. Congratulations to Parque Explora for bringing Schultes’ rare photos of the Amazon to so many people.

Claustro San Ignacio, Medellín.

The Lost Amazon has recently been republished in a new second edition with over 20 pages of new material (Earth Aware Editions).

Embrace of the Serpent has just been made available on DVD. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture in 2016, that film was based on the photographs and journey of Richard Evans Schultes, as well as an earlier explorer from the late 1800s named Theodor Koch-Grunberg.

Schultes’ photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

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