The Wailers in Washington with Junior Marvin, ‘Family Man,’ and Donald Kinsey

by Chris Murray on January 29, 2018

What a night it will be with The Wailers at Hamilton Live on February 17th. Junior Marvin, who performed and recorded with Bob Marley since the Exodus album until his passing, is playing with The Wailers. Junior is one of the great guitarists of our time, and it is a rare opportunity to see him and The Wailers, simply the best Marley/reggae show anywhere.

Junior Marvin on guitar in concert with Bob Marley, Exodus Tour, 1977. Photograph by David Burnett.

Hamilton Live has an amazing portrait of Bob Marley on its walls as you enter the venue. That photo was taken by the “World Press Photo of the Year” photographer David Burnett, and is part of his book Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley (Insight Editions). David Burnett’s photos of Bob Marley and the Wailers are available through Govinda Gallery.

Portrait of Bob Marley, Kingston, Jamaica, 1976. Photograph by David Burnett.

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1 response to “The Wailers in Washington with Junior Marvin, ‘Family Man,’ and Donald Kinsey”

  1. Kosmo Vinyl says:

    What a man, what a band and what a testament they left us. The truly great always remain relevant.

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