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Bob Dylan’s First Album Released Fifty-Five Years Ago  //

Bob Dylan playing harmonica, New York City, 1961. © Ted Russell. Fifty-five years ago on March 19th Bob Dylan’s first album was released, and yesterday I flew to Havana with Ted Russell’s photographs of Dylan for an exhibition at Cuba’s national photo gallery, Fototeca de Cuba. Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 opens in Havana on Friday […]

James Baldwin and Bob Dylan  //

James Baldwin writing, Istanbul, Turkey, 1966. © Sedat Pakay. These two remarkable photographs taken in the ’60s of two of America’s great writers are inspiring. Ted Russell’s photograph of Bob Dylan is featured in his upcoming exhibition in Havana at Fototeca de Cuba, Cuba’s national gallery of photography, opening March 24th. Sedat Pakay’s photo of […]

Bob Dylan Exhibition in Cuba Organized by Govinda Gallery and Presented by Fototeca de Cuba  //

“Positively 4th Street,” 1964. © Ted Russell. Bob Dylan is the subject of a compelling photography exhibition in Cuba at their national photo gallery, Fototeca de Cuba. Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964, featuring the photographs of Ted Russell, opens on Friday, March 24th in Havana. The exhibition will continue through April 24th. This groundbreaking exhibition is […]

Eric Burdon and The Animals at Montgomery College  //

Eric Burdon, 1970. © Barrie Wentzell. I was excited to hear that Eric Burdon and The Animals are performing in the area at the Parilla Performing Arts Center on Monday, March 6th. My high school band The Malibooz covered all of The Animals’ great songs during the British Invasion. Burdon was my biggest influence as […]

Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50th Anniversary, Donovan, John Lennon and Annie Leibovitz  //

The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, with Mark Seliger’s portrait of Emma Stone on the cover. This year is the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine. Like so many people, Rolling Stone has been an essential publication for me. Rolling Stone has also been a major influence on my work as a curator, author […]

Joan Baez and Tupac Shakur  //

I was very glad to hear that Joan Baez and Tupac Shakur were selected for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for 2017. Those two musical artists are linked together more than a casual observer might realize. Joan Baez, 1965. © Barrie Wentzell. Joan Baez’s career has been extraordinary. She has one […]

Franca Sozzani, Andy Warhol, Bob Colacello and Madonna  //

“She had the best eye for photography.” – Peter Lindbergh Franca Sozzani, Café de Flore, 2012. © Peter Lindbergh. Italian Vogue, February 1991. 25 years ago, Italian Vogue published a feature story on my lifelong friend, Bob Colacello. Bob and I met in college in 1965 at Georgetown University, and have remained friends ever since. […]

Howard Bingham 1939-2016  //

Howard Bingham and Muhammad Ali. © Neil Leifer. I heard the news that Howard Bingham passed away last week. Howard was Muhammad Ali’s best friend, since he was Cassius Clay, and he was a friend to me as well. It was because of Howard Bingham that I came to be able to call Muhammad Ali […]

Sunshine Superman Donovan and Jimmy Page at the Albert Hall  //

The much anticipated DVD of the Albert Hall concert recreating the entire Sunshine Superman album has just been released by Donovan Discs. Jimmy Page was a surprise guest, having played guitar on the original recording 50 years ago of both mega-hits, Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow. What a great gentleman Jimmy Page is. Beautiful photo […]

Shoot First – Harry Benson  //

The night before last I saw the documentary film, Shoot First, about the life and times of the great photographer Harry Benson. I laughed and I cried as I watched our times flash before me in the film, beautifully narrated by a group of individuals including journalist Carl Bernstein, sports photographer & filmmaker Neil Leifer […]

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