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Carlotta Hester’s most recent collection of paintings, Fresh, is a compelling series of acrylic on canvas paintings that were first exhibited at Govinda Gallery. This series of 4′ x 6′ paintings quickly sold out to collectors. Hester has now created a second series of these colorful and dynamic works on canvas. Art critic John Blee wrote in the Georgetowner of Hester’s Fresh paintings that “Hester’s recent work is a hearkening-back-to and continuation of the Washington Color School.”


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The Pure Drop

Over a period of two years during the summers of 2010 and 2011 Carlotta Hester made over 100 drawings in County Cavan, Ireland, documenting the largest of all traditional Irish music festivals, Fleadh Cheoil na hÈireann.

Hester’s live action drawings of musicians, singers, and dancers were created in every festival setting including street sessions, theaters, dance classes, pub sessions, tutor’s classes, outdoor concerts, competitions, cross-border sessions, and more.

Musical artists from over 15 counties in Ireland (North and South), as well as Scotland, England, and the United States are depicted in these drawings.

Elemental Journey

Elemental Journey was exhibited in Ireland at the Cavan County Museum, in Havana, Cuba, at the Galería de La Biblioteca Rubén Martínez Villena, and at Govinda Gallery in Washington, D.C. Sketchbooks are an integral part of Hester’s life, a portable home for memories, thoughts, and dreams. Insights and experiences gathered along her journeys through different spaces – whether they are the arts and cultures of other countries, the movements of everyday life, or the interior dimensions of the soul – are translated into Hester’s vocabulary of colors, text, and objects. These “collected bits of life” are arranged into explorations of material, techniques, and ideas, all of which produce an imagery in her work that is rich with symbolism.

Click an image to view slideshow. All works Copyright © Carlotta Hester. All Rights Reserved.

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