Jackie Lomax 1944-2013

by Chris Murray on September 30, 2013

Jackie Lomax in 1963. Copyright © Astrid Kirchherr. All Rights Reserved.

On September 13 Liverpool Merseybeat musician Jackie Lomax passed away. Lomax was a prominent part of the Liverpool rock and roll scene in the early 1960s. Lomax was the vocalist and bass player with the band The Undertakers, and performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and at the Star Club in Hamburg, as did the Beatles. Lomax’s solo album Is This Was You Want, was produced by George Harrison and released in 1969 on Apple Records.
Jackie Lomax (second from the right) with The Undertakers Chris Huston, Geoff Nugent, Brian Jones, and Bugs Pemberton in the graveyard below Liverpool Cathedral at St. James Mount. Copyright © Max Scheler. All Rights Reserved.

Photographs of Lomax with The Undertakers were part of the Liverpool Days exhibition at Govinda Gallery in June 1994, featuring Hamburg photographers Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler (1928-2003). The exhibition was the U.S. launch for the limited edition book Liverpool Days from Genesis Publications, who Govinda Gallery was the U.S. distributor for for 20 years. Kirchherr and Scheler’s photographs were also a central part of the first exhibition at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Artist to Icon, which also included Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs of Elvis Presley and Daniel Kramer’s photographs of Bob Dylan. Artist to Icon was organized by EMP in collaboration with Govinda Gallery.
Jackie Lomax second from the left. Copyright © Max Scheler. All Rights Reserved.

Jackie Lomax is the step-father of photographer Terry Richardson, who is the director of the much-talked about Miley Cyrus video for her song “Wrecking Ball.” At the time we post this blog, that video has had over 170 million views.
Title Page, Liverpool Days by Max Scheler and Astrid Kirchherr (Genesis Publications, 1994)

Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler’s photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

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