The Shutdown Can’t Stop Elvis

by Chris Murray on October 3, 2013

“Elvis Presley Jump” Copyright © Alfred Wertheimer. All Rights Reserved.

There’s a big buzz around the National Portrait Gallery exhibition Dancing the Dream that was scheduled to begin today. The exhibition showcases “generations of performers, choreographers, and impresarios of dance.”

The Tea Bags don’t like culture very much, but shutdowns won’t stop art. In appreciation of the National Portrait Gallery celebrating dance, a cornerstone for every culture and every era, we preview here one of the photos from Dancing the Dream, featuring Rock & Roll dancer extraordinaire Elvis Presley. They didn’t call him ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ and ‘Swivel Hips’ for nothing.

The Tea Bags aren’t the only ones who have tried to shut down Elvis’ dancing… TV host Steve Allen and others tried to prevent people from seeing Elvis dance but they were all unsuccessful.

It was an honor for Govinda Gallery to lend Alfred Wertheimer’s “Jump” photograph of Elvis Presely to the Dancing the Dream exhibition. I can’t wait to see Dancing the Dream when the National Portrait Gallery reopens.

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