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Happy Birthday Ted Russell!  //

This photo of Marilyn Monroe was taken by Ted Russell in Seoul, Korea in 1954 when Monroe arrived at the Yongsan United States Army Garrison to entertain the troops. Tomorrow is Ted Russell’s 90th birthday. What a pleasure it has been for us to represent Ted’s extraordinary photographs and to have published a book of […]

Happy 85th Birthday, Elvis!  //

In the introduction to Elvis at 21, the book I had the pleasure of editing of Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs from 1956, I wrote that, “It is hard to describe the magnitude of Elvis‘ impact at that time, but whatever it was and however you measured it, Elvis and his music were wonderful. As Sun Records […]

Tom Meyer and The Oldest Figurative Painting  //

Guess which of these details is from the oldest figurative painting…from over 44,000 years ago. If you guessed the center image you are correct. All of the others are details from the visionary/outlier artist Tom Meyer’s paintings. Below is the latest painting from Meyer’s studio. I enjoy how the stones that seem to form a […]

John Waters, Mr. Know-It-All  //

John Waters may be a genius. He is the director of dozens of films, the author of nine books, a comedian whose tours sell out, and an artist with exhibitions in museums and fine art galleries. Wednesday night, I went for the 12th year in a row to his Christmas stand up act at the […]

Greta Thunberg, Donovan, TIME Magazine, and ECO–SONG  //

TIME Magazine just announced Greta Thunberg as the Person of the Year for 2019. Rightly so. By an amazing synchronicity, Donovan has just released this week his newest album, ECO-SONG, and he dedicates the album to Greta Thunberg right on the cover of the CD. ECO-SONG consists of 21 remarkable songs written and recorded by […]

John Waters, Greg Gorman, and The Birchmere  //

John Waters is presenting his annual stand-up comedy act, John Waters Christmas, on December 18th at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. I have been going every December to his hilarious and insightful live show. This year’s tour is called Filthier & Merrier… it is not for the faint of heart! The photo above is by […]

Painting of the Week: Chris Makos  //

Chris Makos’ work is available through Govinda Gallery.

Painting of the Week: The Artist Known as Tom  //

Tom Meyer’s work is available through Govinda Gallery.

From Falls Road to Madison Square Garden: Boxer Michael Conlan  //

Just a few months ago, I had the great pleasure of attending some boxing matches in West Belfast. The main event featured Michael “Mick” Conlan who is from West Belfast against Diego Alberto Ruiz. Michael won the fight, and it was a great celebration. Conlan won the bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, which I […]

Irving Burgie, Harry Belafonte, and Donovan  //

Irving Burgie, known professionally as Lord Burgess, who wrote many of Harry Belafonte’s greatest hits passed on over the weekend. Among the smash hits he wrote were “Jamaican Farewell,” “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” “Island In The Sun,” and more. He wrote 8 of the 11 songs on Belafonte’s Calypso album, the first album to […]

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