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Lou Brock, Walter Iooss, Baseball and Cuba: Part II  //

Flush with excitement after having collaborated with Fototeca de Cuba on our first exhibition in Havana, La Revolución del Rock & Roll, I thought to myself, what theme could we present for another exhibition there? The response to La Revolución del Rock and Roll exhibition was extraordinary, and working with my colleagues in Havana was […]

Cuba and Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana: Part I  //

A true hero in my life and work is Eusebio Leal, who passed away on July 31st. It is Leal who oversaw the restoration of Old Havana and its baroque and neoclassical monuments, colonial mansions, and much more. I am indebted to Eusebio Leal and have a personal story about him. It was my great […]

Carlotta Hester and ‘The Pure Drop’  //

Ireland’s Anglo-Celt newspaper, publishing since 1846, recently featured a story about Carlotta Hester’s just-released book of live-action drawings of traditional Irish music artists called The Pure Drop. This book celebrates the 10th anniversary of the All Ireland Music Festival, the largest festival of its kind in the world. Here is that story and some visuals from The Pure Drop. […]

Govinda Gallery’s 45th Anniversary  //

This summer marks 45 years since we first opened our doors in 1975 in Georgetown. I want to express my deep appreciation to all the extraordinary artists who have exhibited their work with Govinda Gallery over the past 5 decades. Thank you!

Protest is Patriotic: David Fenton’s SHOTS  //

It was fifteen years ago this year that SHOTS, a book of David Fenton’s political demonstration photographs, was published. I was introduced to Fenton by my friend, the photographer, archivist, and teacher, Lely Constantinople. Together we edited and published SHOTS (Earth Aware Editions, 2005). I organized an exhibition of Fenton’s photographs in April 2005 at […]

Happy Birthday Daniel Kramer!  //

Today is photographer Daniel Kramer’s birthday. I’m not sure how old Daniel is because he would never tell me his year of birth! His photos are timeless. When I first started championing significant photographs documenting musical artists, Daniel Kramer was at the top of my list along with Alfred Wertheimer. I thought of both of […]

Astrid Kirchherr 1938-2020  //

Everyone at Govinda Gallery loved Astrid Kirchherr and her photographs. We presented her work in exhibitions in over thirty cities across America. Our association with her, and her Hamburg circle, has been a rare and wonderful pastime, with an enduring legacy. John Kelly’s story in The Washington Post this past Wednesday is a fine look […]

Little Richard: The Architect of Rock & Roll  //

My own rock & roll DNA rests on two pillars, Little Richard and Elvis Presley. I was fortunate to be old enough to collect and play 45 rpm singles by Little Richard and Elvis in 1956 and beyond.  It was hypnotic to see Little Richard’s Specialty Records label, and Presley’s RCA label, spinning around and […]

Donovan, David Lynch and Riki Tiki Tavi!  //

Leave it to Donovan to release the best album of these times, Eco-Song, a compilation of 21 tunes written and recorded by Donovan with the theme of climate change and the environment.  Starting with his smash hit “Riki Tiki Tavi” in 1970, and with songs from all of the last five decades, there is not […]

Here Comes The Sun  //

Though written by George Harrison 50 years ago, the lyrics and music to Here Comes the Sun remain as meaningful today as ever before, in a way perhaps more so. This beautiful watercolor by the British artist Keith West was commissioned as an illustration for George Harrison’s two-volume set of song lyrics, Songs By George, published by […]

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