“Luna Love” Launch and Exclusive Video

by Chris Murray on December 19, 2020

Enjoy this lovely video of Donovan with his wife and muse Linda, launching Linda’s just published book Luna Love, along with their friends Marina and Michael Cowdray.

Linda presenting the Number One copy of the Handmade Monumental Series of 13, to dear friends Lord Michael & Lady Marina Cowdray in Windsor, England.

Michael, Marina, Linda and Donovan, four friends who travelled through the Himilayas together to Little Tibet, to build a school to help save Tibetan Culture in Ladakh, Northern India.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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1 response to ““Luna Love” Launch and Exclusive Video”

  1. Christine Nassikas says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing Chris. May we all feel inspiration from their long love.

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