“Luna Love” and Linda Lawrence…with Donovan

by Chris Murray on December 12, 2020

Linda Lawrence has just had a beautiful ‘memoir’ of her remarkable life published, as a stunning deluxe limited edition book, Luna Love. Edited by her soul partner for life, Donovan, this book chronicles her amazing journey from her childhood in England and up to today, depicted in her own words, and with numerous photographs. Linda became Donovan’s muse, and one sees how Donovan came to write “Sunshine Superman” about her.

Luna Love is available directly from the author via www.donovan.ie. See below the story from the book’s unveiling.

OCTOBER 16, 2020

See below The Private Unveiling of my book LUNA LOVE, in my favourite hotel Oakley Court in Windsor, the castle town where I was born. Here below are the photos by our photographer James Watkins, and video by my grandson Joolz Jones.

The Unveiling took place at Oakley Court Hotel on a sleepy curve of River Thames in Windsor. A double celebration as we enjoy our Golden Wedding Anniversary this year of 2020.

We enjoy a stroll along the riverbank on our way to the Open Tent where The Lunch took place.


The Riverside Open Tent Lunch.


Myself, Pattie Boyd and Marina enjoy a chat, while Pattie’s husband Rod Weston (left) listens in. Michael (right) guffawing again, he did so enjoy the gathering!


Don’s brother Gerald with his wife Vanessa, and Nigel Elderton (our longtime friend and Donovan’s Music Publisher at Peer Music) view LUNA LOVE, introduced by our assistant, our friend and organizer of the Event, LS.


Don sings my song to me ‘Legend of a Girl – Child Linda’.


A pose by The Griffin, at the front door of Oakley Court. Echoes of Alice in Wonderland.


The Group photo on leaving, a small yet vibrant gathering for Linda’s Spiritual Unveiling of her Work of Heart … LUNA LOVE.


Donovan’s cousin Sara Joy Hunter, MC for the day.


Linda’s Sister Carol’s Poet Husband Ian Griffith read the poem “You and I” for the occasion.


Roses in place, symbolic of my dear mother Violet and father Alec, we invited The Ancestors to be present, always in our heart.
The Unveiling took place one day before my Libra Birthday , the Moon In Libra, in the Month of our wedding 50 Solar Years before, here in Windsor where I was born on my mother Violet’s birthday. Our Gaelic Festival of Samhain has arrived to welcome The Harvest , the Doorways to The Otherworld are opening. 
Thank you all for empowering LUNA LOVE , which is, in essence, a Beacon of Light for all generations of Women and Men of Gentle Heart.
-Linda Lawrence

Delta Sapphograph by Donovan

Donovan’s Sapphographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

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