Dylan’s Crucial Year

by Chris Murray on May 16, 2016

kramer_bob_dylan_ce_int_box001_03129_1604261811_id_1042425“Dylan’s crucial year” is the title of American Photo’s feature story on Daniel Kramer and his photographs of Bob Dylan in the spring issue, 2001. The fully illustrated story written by Jack Crager goes on to say that “Daniel Kramer captured the quintessential Bob Dylan by photographing him during the most productive year of the singer’s life.” It also references Kramer’s connection to Govinda Gallery “…which helped revive Kramer’s Dylan images with a 1999 exhibition.” Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray is quoted in the story as saying “There are other great photos of Bob Dylan, of course, but Dan Kramer’s pictures–at a certain place in time, and in the depth that he did it–are unparalleled.”

Chris Murray also curated Kramer’s one person exhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 and featured them in the inaugural exhibition he curated for the Experience Music Project Artist to Icon in 2001.

Taschen is publishing this month in celebration of Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday a major book of Daniel Kramer’s photographs, Bob Dylan: A Year and a Day. Congratulations to Daniel Kramer and happy birthday to Bob Dylan.

Daniel Kramer’s photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez © Daniel Kramer© Dan Kramer

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