Gala Reception for “Donovan: Sapphographs” Exhibition at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington

by Chris Murray on December 18, 2015


It was a beautiful evening last Friday for the opening of Donovan: Sapphographs at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., organized with Govinda Gallery. The gallery at the Center for Hellenic Studies library looked stunning and everyone had a grand time. It was a brilliant launch for SapphoFest 2015. Enjoy these photos from that magical evening.

KAP_SapphoFest-069Reggae superstar Junior Marvin, Donovan, Rick Cady from Hamilton Live, and his wife Tasha at the exhibition launch. © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-058 Artist Carlotta Hester with Susan Colwell © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-046JW Mahoney enjoying Donovan’s “Agape” with Zoie Lafis © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-031Wonderful refreshments were served at the opening festivities © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-028Guests enjoying “The Youth…Who Fondly Sits By Thee” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-025Sapphograph collectors Bruce and Leslye Kogod in front of “Sappho’s Song” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-022Junior Marvin with Govinda Girl Vivienne Foster and musician Stephen Parsons © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-013George Wallace, Fabiana Avila, and Donovan, the three poets featured in the “Day of Poetry” following the day of the opening © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-099Shelly Bounds, Zoie Lafis, Chris Murray, Allie Marbry, and Ruth Taylor © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-088Beth Masri, Olivia Masri, and Allie Marbry enjoying the exhibition © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-084Legendary DJ Cerphe Colwell with art collector and Donovan fan Robert Lehrman © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-048Govinda Gallery’s David Murray greets his friend Junior Marvin © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-047Art collectors and Donovan fans Bonnie and Jeff Bowman with Carlotta Hester © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-038Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray with Center for Hellenic Studies director Greg Nagy in front of “Sappho” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-032Paul Richard enjoying artist Howard Carr’s new artwork “Hercules Balls,” inspired by SapphoFest 2015. Paul Richard reviewed Howard Carr’s first exhibition at Govinda Gallery for the Washington Post in 1978 © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-023Center for Hellenic Studies Director of Fellowships Kenny Morrell and Director of Publications and Content Development Lenny Muellner with his wife Mimie in front of “Sappho’s Drum” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-020David Elmer from Harvard University’s Department of Classics, his wife Bonnie Talbert, lecturer and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University, and Greg Nagy.

KAP_SapphoFest-011-2Washington Performing Arts Director Jenny Bilfield with Donovan and his muse and wife Linda © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-007Exhibits Development Group’s Susan Norton and her husband Brad with Carlotta Hester © Kevin Allen.

IMG_2382The scene before Donovan’s performance with his guitar “Atalanta” © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2476Susan Styles, Chris Murray, and collector Don Mcilvaine © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2479Sculptor John Dryfuss with Freer and Sackler curator of contemporary art Carol Huh with their friend Donovan © Carlotta Hester.
KAP_SapphoFest-074Greg Nagy and Zoie Lafis introduce Donovan © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-076Donovan about to debut his new song “Graceful Grove” based on Sappho’s fragments © Carlotta Hester.

FullSizeRenderExhibition curators Zoie Lafis and Chris Murray relax with Donovan after his performance © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2375Govinda Gallery’s Chris Murray with benefactor and a founder of the Center for Hellenic Studies Paul Mellon © Carlotta Hester.

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