A Day of Poetry and more… SapphoFest 2015

by Chris Murray on December 22, 2015

KAP_SapphoFest-106-2Performance artist Iris Nikolaou with musician and singer Panayotis League ‘jamming’ on the front steps of the Center for Hellenic Studies after the opening reception for Donovan’s Sapphograph exhibition © Kevin Allen

No we’re not in Greece in this photo, but in Washington, D.C. on the front steps of Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Panayotis League has just met Iris Nikolaou in advance of their performances to kick off the second day of SapphoFest 2015 on December 12. Enjoy the rest of these photos featuring music and song, a compelling theatrical piece, and concluding with a poetry reading featuring music and song performances by Donovan, Fabiana Avila, and George Wallace.

KAP_SapphoFest-109Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies director Greg Nagy introducing the CHS ‘diva’ Lanah Koelle © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-121Lanah Koelle singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Lanah’s performance featured a selection of classic songs reflecting themes in Sappho’s poetry © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-125Panayotis League performing before a standing room only crowd for SapphoFest 2015 © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-145 Performance artist Iris Nikolaou preparing the stage for the performance piece Sappho Fragments © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-141Charis Pechlivanidis operating the videos for the Sappho Fragments performance piece © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-152Sappho Fragments directed by Kornilia Vasileadou, performed by Iris Nikolaou with video by Charis Pechlivanidis © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-161Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray introducing the three poets for the poetry reading © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-170Poet George Wallace © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-166Poet Fabiana Avila © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-176Poet Donovan © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-190Donovan about to sing “Be Mine” that he composed from Sappho’s fragments with his guitar, Atalanta © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-178Laszlo, Greg, and Holly Nagy enjoying a Day of Poetry with PBS News Hour anchor Jeffery Brown © Kevin Allen

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