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bob dylan ted russell govinda galleryDylan at his desk #2. 161 W 4th Street. 1964. Copyright © Ted Russell. All Rights Reserved.

“There was no apparent reason to photograph Bob Dylan in 1961, apart from an ambitious freelance photographer wanting to get another story to pitch to a magazine. It is one of the reasons Ted Russell’s photographs are so rare. They offer a genuinely candid look at the young singer and guitar player. The images from his first photographs of Dylan performing at Gerde’s Folk City at the start of his remarkable career capture the spark in Dylan’s eyes. In Russell’s photographs, as in Dylan’s music, we can see his conviction and compassion, his humor, and his love

of song. Whether he was inspired by Little Richard or Woody Guthrie, Dylan remained rooted in tradition, yet contemporary and of his own time.

This collection of photographs by Ted Russell is a unique document of Dylan’s first years as a musical artist and his genesis in Greenwich Village. Dylan was a young bohemian poet who would become the most original and influential songwriter of our time. We are enriched by this portrait of the artist as a young man.” – Chris Murray, from Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964 (Rizzoli 2015).

Click on an image to view. All images are Copyright © Ted Russell. All Rights Reserved.

Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964 (Rizzoli 2015)
bob dylan govinda gallery ted russell rizzoli


Last spring, Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea, NY presented an amazing exhibition of Ted Russell’s photographs of Dylan. During that exhibition, both the NY Times and BBC did feature stories on Russell’s extraordinary early Dylan photos.


bob dylan ted russell govinda galleryAbout to go on stage. Gerde’s Folk City. Greenwich Village. 1961. Copyright © Ted Russell. All Rights Reserved.

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