Ronnie Wood

DECADES 80s“Decades 80s” By Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie Wood was born in 1947 in Middlesex, England, into a musical and artistic family. Before beginning his musical career he received formal art training at Ealing College of Art, London.

Throughout the years the artist and the musician have been inseparable. As his musical career progressed, Ronnie continued his passion for painting and drawing, his subjects ranging from band members and musicians he admired, knew and sometimes played with, to family and close friends – and, of course, the self-portrait. It is as natural to find him with a pencil as with a guitar, drawing portraits of contemporaries and finding inspiration from his musical influences.

In America in the early 1980s Ronnie produced his first prints – three woodcuts and a series of monoypes. In 1987 Wood spent several months working in a professional printmaking studio in England. Since then he has devoted a considerable amount of time to printmaking and has produced a number of images using various techniques – etching, drypoint, screenprint and woodcut.

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Govinda Gallery was pleased to host Ronnie Wood’s “Decades” exhibit in December 1987.

Invitation to Ronnie Wood’s first exhibition at Govinda Gallery, December 1987.

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