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Exhibit Dates:  Release of New Limited Edition Sapphograph by Donovan Celebrating his Birthday May 10th.

Celebrating Donovan’s birthday May 10th, Govinda Gallery is delighted to announce the release of a new 11″ x 11″ signed limited edition Sapphograph, Sappho, by Donovan. Available in an edition of only 50 prints, this image of Sappho was the first Sapphograph made by Donovan from his highly acclaimed series of works on paper. This beautiful pigment print on watercolor paper is priced starting at only $350.00 plus shipping.

For more information or to purchase this Sapphograph please contact Govinda Gallery at: or (202) 333 1180.

View the Donovan: Sapphographs Catalogue

Sapphographs by Donovan. Click on an image to launch slideshow.

Sapphofest 2010, Athens and Nafplio, Greece, June 1st through 30th, 2010.

Donovan Days, Cavan County, Ireland, July 10th through August 25th, 2009.

“Stars ’round the fair moon veil their own shining
When She’s full on the earth with the light of Her silver
Set you to rest on the softest of cushions
The black trance of night on our eyes like the river”

Be Mine from the album Sutras by Donovan
Gathered from Sappho’s fragments

Copyright Revolver, the California based art installation team. Revolver partners Braxton Carter and Christiann Moore refer to The Tenth Muse as a piece of ‘technology art’

Important!  All images within this post are © Donovan. All rights reserved.

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