Elvis Presley: Young Man with the Big Beat… Coming to Richmond, Virginia

by Chris Murray on December 1, 2011

Elvis Presley during the “Don’t be Cruel” recording session at the RCA Victor Studio 1 in NYC, July 2, 1956. Copyright ©Alfred Wertheimer. All Rights Reserved.

If you’re interested in Elvis Presley’s music from his golden year of 1956 there is a new box set called Young Man with the Big Beat that is terrific. It contains 4 CD’s of Elvis’ complete 1956 masters and a separate CD with his interviews from that year. The wonderful 86 page booklet features Alfred Wertheimer’s photograph of Elvis on the cover. Wertheimer’s exhibition Elvis at 21 , organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and Govinda Gallery, ends it’s run in Mobile, Alabama at the Mobile Museum of Fine Arts this Sunday, December 4th. It then opens on Christmas Eve at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Some of Wertheimer’s best photographs of Elvis were taken in Richmond at the Mosque Theatre… the box set features a reproduction poster from the Mosque Theatre for an Elvis concert there on February 5th, 1956. This is a great Christmas gift for an Elvis fan.

Elvis PresleyYoung Man with the Big Beat box set.

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1 response to “Elvis Presley: Young Man with the Big Beat… Coming to Richmond, Virginia”

  1. hi chris,
    can’t wait for the show! if there is an opening/closing party associated be sure and send me an invite! this is where i live:)

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