Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Govinda Gallery

by Chris Murray on September 25, 2009

Shriver at Govinda Gallery

Buzz Aldrin with art collector Anthony Shriver at Govinda Gallery on July 31st, 1988. Aldrin and Shriver are standing in front of Andy Warhol’s Moonwalk prints. Astronaut Aldrin, who was part of the first expedition to the moon, is depicted in Warhol’s last print. Warhol passed away during the production of a series of silkscreens he was creating honoring great moments in the history of television. The Moonwalk prints were the only ones produced before the artist’s untimely death. Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray presented a Moonwalk print to Buzz Aldrin on behalf of himself and the Ron Feldman Gallery in New York City.  Aldrin refers to the Moonwalk print in his autobiography, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon (Crown Publishing Group), just published to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon walk.

Photo Copyright © Chester Simpson. All rights reserved.

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