Govinda Gallery, Liza Phillips, and The Centennial Celebration of The Phillips Collection  //

This is the centennial year celebration of The Phillips Collection in Washington, the first museum of modern art in America. It was my great pleasure to welcome Marjorie Phillips, the co-founder of the Phillips collection, to Govinda Gallery on September 16, 1983, for the opening of her granddaughter Liza Phillips wonderful exhibition of her art […]

Tom Meyer in “Art For The People” Installation In Beijing  //

The painting above by Tom Meyer is part of a major new art mural just installed at the U.S. Embassy in China. The theme of freedom of speech and expression is a most worthy one. Congratulations to Tom and all involved. Please enjoy the description of the mural below. Meyer’s Can u Find Me is […]

People Magazine, Bob Dylan, Ted Russell and Govinda Gallery  //

People Magazine celebrated Bob Dylan’s birthday this week with an in depth look at Ted Russell’s photographs of Dylan, including the first professional photographs taken of Dylan in November of 1961, just before the release of his first album. Writer Sam Gillette interviews Chris Murray about LIFE photographer Ted Russell and his now historic images […]

Bob Dylan…Happy Birthday!  //

It is a wonderful thing that Bob Dylan and his remarkable creative energy has been with us and endured for a long time. We are blessed! Govinda Gallery has exhibited many of the finest and most compelling photographs taken of Dylan throughout his career, by many of my favorite photographers. In Celebration of Bob’s birthday […]

Chris Makos, Paul Solberg, Sean Strub, and Milford, Pennsylvania  //

Last weekend, I drove to Milford, Pennsylvania to see my longtime friend, photographer Chris Makos. I first showed Makos’ photographs at Govinda Gallery in May of 1981, in an exhibition simply titled Christopher Makos, Photographs. I went on to organize eight more exhibitions of Makos’ work at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown, as well as in the […]

Happy Birthday Donovan…and Robert Johnson!  //

Today, May 10th, is the ‘Sunshine Superman’ Donovan’s birthday. Just two days ago, May 8th, and 35 years earlier, was Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson’s birthday. I was thinking of these two extraordinary songwriters and musical artists when these remarkable photographs came to my mind. I put the two images together here in honor of […]

Greg Gorman “It’s Not About Me” with Elton John, John Waters, and much more.  //

Greg Gorman has just had published his latest book, It’s Not About Me: A Retrospective. I have all of Greg’s books of his photographs, and this retrospective of his decades long career is remarkable, and perhaps his best book. Among the almost 400 stunning portraits in the book are David Bowie, Dustin Hoffman, Glenn Close, Isaac Hayes, […]

Mick Rock and Miley Cyrus Get It Together!  //

Mick Rock is not only one of the finest photographers to exhibit at Govinda Gallery, he is also a terrific friend for over 30 years. So it was a great pleasure to see he created the photo art for the cover of Miley Cyrus’s new album, Plastic Hearts. That recording is a Rock & Roll […]

How Lonnie Smith Grooved with Iggy Pop…and Donovan  //

This past Saturday The New York Times published a terrific story on soul-jazz organist Dr. Lonnie Smith’s new album Breathe on Blue Note Records. The ‘punk frontman’ Iggy Pop covered two songs on the album including Donovan’s #1 hit song “Sunshine Superman.” What a strong groove it is. The NY Times called the album “joyous […]

“Looking To Get Lost” and Peter Guralnick  //

A friend asked me the other day what I had been reading. I told him the best book I have read this year is a collection of essays by my favorite biographer, Peter Guralnick. Guralnick’s biographies of Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and Sam Phillips are masterworks. Adventures In Music & Writing is the subtitle of […]

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