Happy Birthday Ted Russell!  //

“Wink,” Ina Balke, 1964,  Photograph by Ted Russell. Book cover for Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964, Ted Russell with Chris Murray, Rizzoli.

Happy Christmas and New Year from Govinda Gallery  //

Watercolor by Stuart Sutcliffe   George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, John Lennon, “Truck”, Hamburg, 1961. Photo by Astrid Kirchherr.

Bob Colacello and IT JUST HAPPENED  //

My favorite photography book this year is IT JUST HAPPENED Photographs by Bob Colacello 1976-1982. (Ivorypress 2021) The book features Colacello’s photographs taken while working with Andy Warhol over a period of several years. Bob was the editor of Warhol’s Interview magazine.  Among the notables Bob photographed with his Minox 35 EL, are Peter Beard, […]

Carlotta Hester Exhibition…Rapture  //

Photographed by Max Hirshfeld  

Mick Rock, 1948-2021  //

I love Mick Rock. Plain and simple. He was a pillar of the Govinda Gallery history and scene. We were more than colleagues and friends…we were kindred spirits. He had a wicked sense of humor, and a voice and manner that one would never forget. He had talent that went on forever. And if Mick […]

Invitation to Carlotta Hester’s Exhibition of Paintings, “Rapture”  //

You are invited to Carlotta Hester’s exhibition in Washington D.C. at Addison/Ripley Fine Art in Georgetown. This exhibition features her most recent work, and continues through January 22.    

Senator John Warner…A Great Man Of Service and a Fine Artist  //

Much has been written, and rightly so, about Senator John Warner since he passed on a few months ago. But not many people know that Senator Warner was also a talented and accomplished painter. I was fortunate to know John Warner as an artist, because of my friendship with his wife Jeanne. I had the […]

The Sunday Times Feature Story on Donovan and the Climate Summit  //

Donovan was born and grew up in Glasgow, where the world leaders are now gathered at the crucial climate summit. The Sunday Times in Scotland just published a terrific story on Donovan and his wife and muse Linda, who, for over four decades, have been raising consciousness regarding protecting and preserving Mother Nature. Much of […]

Donovan & David Lynch Video, “I Am The Shaman”  //

David Lynch has produced and directed a video for Donovan’s recent release “I Am The Shaman.” Two masters of their art, Donovan with his song and David Lynch with his film, come together to present a most extraordinary collaboration. The dictionary describes a shaman with qualities such as magic, influence, trance, and healing. Donovan, with […]

Charlie Watts 1941-2021  //

Charlie Watts and Shirley Shepherd, London, 1963.  By Eric Swayne. I was moved when I heard Charlie Watts had passed on in August. The Rolling Stones have long been my favorite band. I was at their very first concert in New York City while in high school, an afternoon concert at Carnegie Hall on June […]

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