Mickalene Thomas, Brittney Griner, and “Black is Beautiful”

by Chris Murray on May 29, 2024

The New York Times Magazine published a cover story on Brittney Griner and her ordeal in a Russian prison. Our favorite artist Mickalene Thomas was hired by the New York Times to take the photographs of Brittney for the cover story. They are remarkable images. Brittany’s story is also remarkable and is told in her just-published book Coming Home (Knopf).


Photograph by Mickalene Thomas.


Photograph by Mickalene Thomas.

Thomas’ exhibition, Mickalene Thomas: All About Love, just opened at The Broad museum in Los Angeles last week and continues through September 29th before touring to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia and the Hayward Gallery in London.


Le Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe Les Trois Femme Noires D’Aprés Picasso (2022) by Mickalene Thomas. Rhinestones and acrylic paint on canvas mounted on wood panel.


Mickalene also contributed an essay to LaMonte McLemore‘s recently-published book, Black is Beautiful: JET Beauties of the Week (powerHouse). Mickalene writes about McLemore’s work that, “His images served as a challenge to the limiting and stereotypical beauty standards of his time, and celebrated the natural beauty and strength of Black women. As an artist, I find McLemore’s groundbreaking work to be a continued source of inspiration for me.”


Photograph by LaMonte McLemore.


Black is Beautiful (powerHouse).

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