Havana Part II: Roberto Salas and Submarino Amarillo

by Chris Murray on February 16, 2024

After the opening of the SHOTS exhibition, I took David Fenton and his wife Sylvie Erb along with Carlotta Hester and Fabiola Castro to visit the home of one of Cuba’s greatest photographers of all time, Roberto Salas. Salas was one of the five ‘epic’ photographers of Cuba…the five who documented the Cuban revolution. I hosted an exhibition of Salas’ photographs at Govinda Gallery in June 2003 . Roberto is a dear friend who I learned so much from about photography and Cuba. He is an eyewitness to history.


Showing David Fenton some of Roberto Salas’ photographs at his home.


Che, 1964. Photo by Roberto Salas.


David enjoying one of the many books on Roberto Salas’ photography.


Enero, 1959. Photo by Roberto Salas.


Chris Murray enjoying Salas’ photo of Fidel Castro harvesting sugar cane.


Despacho, 2:45AM, 2002. Photo by Roberto Salas.


Chris Murray and Carlotta Hester enjoying Roberto’s company.


Habana, 2:30AM, 1965, Fidel on the Mound. Photo by Roberto Salas.


My dear friend Guille Vilar took us to Havana’s amazing rock venue, Submarino Amarillo. The interior walls are covered with lyrics from Beatles songs. As always, there was a superb band performing the evening we were there. Guille started Submarino Amarillo with his friend, Abel Prieto, who was Cuba’s Minister of Culture. It may just be my favorite rock club in the world.


The entrance to Submarino Amarillo.


The band performing that evening.


Guille telling us about the rock music scene in Cuba.


She has one job: Guard John Lennon's glasses | CNN

Across the street from the Submarino Amarillo is a wonderful sculpture of John Lennon sitting on a bench.


Former Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, with Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray, November 27, 2023.


Roberto Salas’ photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.


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