David Fenton’s SHOTS Exhibition in Havana!

by Patrick Pearse on June 21, 2023

Protestors in the Reflecting Pool during an antiwar march, Washington, D.C., May 9, 1970.

Govinda Gallery is pleased to announce David Fenton’s exhibition of photographs SHOTS: An American Photographer’s Journal, 1967-1972opening December 1st in Havana, Cuba at the Center for Contemporary Art Wifredo Lam.

Felipe Luciano, co-founder of the Young Lords Party,Newark, NJ, July 23, 1970.

Norman Mailer wrote about Fenton’s photographs that “These pictures are extraordinary. They capture the last couple of years of the 60s more closely than anything I know.”

Women rally for their rights during a protest in support of the Black Panther Party, New Haven, CT, November, 1969.

Fenton’s photographs are featured in the book SHOTS (Earth Aware Editions), edited and compiled by Fenton archivist, Lely Constantinople, and Govinda Gallery Director, Chris Murray.

Protestors arrested during the Days of Rage, Chicago, IL, October 11, 1969.

All are welcome at the exhibition.

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1 response to “David Fenton’s SHOTS Exhibition in Havana!”

  1. Allerton W Kiborne says:

    I remember those days all too well. Will try to join you there. Thanks.

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