Carlotta Hester’s “Rapture”

by Chris Murray on January 12, 2022

Carlotta Hester creating pieces for “Rapture.” Photo by Max Hirshfeld courtesy of Addison/Ripley.

Carlotta Hester’s “Rapture” Canvases Evoke Jazz Improv

By Maddie Rennyson

Walking past Addison/Ripley Fine Art at 1670 Wisconsin Avenue, bright splashes of acrylic on canvas might catch your eye. In her latest show “Rapture,” painter Carlotta Hester’s expressionist evocations of improvisational freedom light up the gallery.

“Rapture – that is what I felt when I was making the work,” Hester tells The Georgetowner. After another tough year of navigating these unprecedented times, Hester found solace in the connection between brush and canvas. While painting the colorful collection, she felt like a jazz musician, improvising her next stroke as she went along, and getting in the zone with the colors and the movement of the work. She used this time to create as a space for meditation to escape what was going on outside of the studio.

Hester has already gotten a joyful response to her work. Members of the community, other artists, and students have come into the gallery and commented on how uplifting and bright the paintings make them feel. This is how Hester felt as she was painting them as well.

In addition to her career as an artist, Hester is also an art teacher at Maret, known for its exceptional visual arts program. This profession holds a special place in her heart as she was first inspired to pursue her passion for art by her own high school art teacher, Stephanie Jones. Hester now has the opportunity to pass on that inspiration to the next generation of young artists.

Hester loves all art media and enjoys exploring different types of projects, especially through teaching her students. There was a period during the pandemic where she was teaching virtually which posed some challenges given that the students did not have access to all their usual materials or the studio space. However, they were still able to practice their still-life portraits by having models pose on the screen. “I love art because I love making art,” Hester says, and is living out her passion of being able to create her own work while also helping others unveil their talent and explore their love for art.

In partnership with the Govinda Gallery, Addison/Ripley will be showing Rapture through January 22.

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