Senator John Warner…A Great Man Of Service and a Fine Artist

by Chris Murray on November 9, 2021

Much has been written, and rightly so, about Senator John Warner since he passed on a few months ago. But not many people know that Senator Warner was also a talented and accomplished painter. I was fortunate to know John Warner as an artist, because of my friendship with his wife Jeanne. I had the opportunity to invite the Senator to exhibit his work at Govinda Gallery. John painted privately, and very much appreciated my offer. We never did have a chance to organize that exhibition, but his beautiful paintings will always remain in my minds eye.

In just a couple of months it will be the 50th anniversary of Senator Warner starting his tenure as the United States Secretary of the Navy in 1972. I post these photos in honor of a remarkable life of service to so many, as a person of great artistic talent, and as a friend. In these difficult times, political leaders would be well served to remember the generosity of spirit of John Warner.

Chris Murray with Senator John Warner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

Senator Warner showing Chris Murray memorabilia and awards at his home in Virginia. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray enjoying paintings by John Warner at his home. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

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