Chris Makos, Paul Solberg, Sean Strub, and Milford, Pennsylvania

by Chris Murray on May 12, 2021
Chris Makos’ Jaguar with his MANRAY license plate.

Last weekend, I drove to Milford, Pennsylvania to see my longtime friend, photographer Chris Makos. I first showed Makos’ photographs at Govinda Gallery in May of 1981, in an exhibition simply titled Christopher Makos, Photographs. I went on to organize eight more exhibitions of Makos’ work at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown, as well as in the Art Bank Gallery in Minneapolis. Makos’ work introduced me to contemporary photography. I went on to publish silk screen portfolios of his photographs titled Icons and Man Ray. I also exhibited his paintings. It has been a remarkable 40-year association.

Govinda Gallery invitation for Chris Makos’ World Tour exhibition in 1983.

Man Ray silk screen by Christopher Makos (1990).

Andy Warhol silk screen from Icons series by Christopher Makos (1990).

Makos for many years had a regular feature in Interview magazine titled In, which published his images of artists, dancers, models, musicians, collectors, celebrities, and more, photographed on locations around the world. Makos had me accompany him as his art dealer on several trips, among them to Dallas, Texas; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and Houston, Texas, along with his stylist, makeup person, and hair assistant for his photoshoots. They were remarkable and creative trips.

Chris Makos’ In column from February 1986.

Chris Makos (left) and Chris Murray (in driver’s seat), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 1985.

Paul Solberg (left), Chris Makos (center), Chris Murray (right).

My visit to Milford, Pennsylvania with the artist Carlotta Hester was also remarkable. We stayed at the Hotel Fauchere, a charming inn originally built in 1852 and beautifully restored by Sean Strub, the mayor of Milford. Makos’ art, along with Paul Solberg’s, is featured in the guest rooms as well as the public space of the hotel on Main Street.

Hotel Fauchere and its historic marker.

Chris Murray enjoying The Pure Drop on the front porch of Hotel Fauchere.

Hotel Fauchere bar with Andy Warhol and John Lennon photograph by Makos.

It was a great visit and was topped off with a lively garden party thrown in Carlotta Hester’s and my honor at Mayor Strub’s home. Among the guests were the dynamic John Brendt, the author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (the all-time best-seller on The New York Times best-seller list); novelist Richard Morais, who wrote the best-seller The Hundred Foot Journey, which was made into a film starring Helen Mirren; and the charming artist and art teacher Susie Lyddon.

Carlotta Hester and the author John Brendt.

Susie Lyddon and Carlotta Hester.

Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray, author John Brendt, and Milford mayor and activist Sean Strub.

I had the opportunity to present Milford Mayor Sean Strub a copy of Carlotta Hester’s book The Pure Drop, featuring her drawings of traditional Irish musical artists. Sean reminded me that we had first met when he was a student at Georgetown University and would enjoy visiting Govinda Gallery.

It was a brilliant weekend and a visit to Milford, and its stunning state parks and the Hotel Fauchere are well worth it. Chris Makos told me that the party at Mayor Strub’s home and the gathering of artists and writers was now going to be an annual event.

I’m looking forward to Chris Makos’ upcoming book featuring many of his unpublished photographs of Andy Warhol. We will feature that book when it is published.

Christopher Makos’ photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

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  1. Heather Dolstra says:

    Made me want to rush off to Milford but no one can bring out the artistic luminaries like Chris Murray and Carlotta Hester. Enjoyed the trip report!

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