Celebrating Barry Feinstein’s Birthday with George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Marlon Brando, and more.

by Chris Murray on February 4, 2021
Barry Feinstein by Bob Dylan.

Today would be photographer extraordinaire Barry Feinstein’s 90th birthday. I have much to celebrate regarding Barry, especially his new book of George Harrison photographs that was my great pleasure to write the text for and edit. George Harrison: Be Here Now has just been published by Rizzoli, and has been received by the public with great appreciation. Barry’s photo of George Harrison is famously on the cover of All Things Must Pass, the first solo album by a Beatle.

Marlon Brando Marching for CORE, Venice California, 1963.  © The Estate of Barry Feinstein.

I first exhibited Barry’s photographs at Govinda Gallery in fall 2002. What an amazing exhibition it was, with remarkable images of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Marlon Brando, King Curtis, and Donovan, among many others. Donovan was so enthusiastic for Barry’s exhibition he came to the opening in Georgetown and performed an amazing acoustic set that evening in honor of Barry. Donovan also wrote the preface to Barry’s new book of photos of his friend George Harrison.

Donovan, New York City, 1964.  © The Estate of Barry Feinstein.

Also in attendance was Barry’s friend and fellow photographer Jim Marshall, who came to the exhibition with another great photographer Danny Clinch. Danny also had his first exhibition of photographs at Govinda in fall 2001. A wonderful party followed Feinstein’s exhibition launch across the street at Halcyon House, studio and home to the great sculpture John Dreyfuss. It was a memorable day all around.

Jim Marshall with Wells Noonan in The Back Room. Govinda Gallery Archive.

I also featured Barry’s photographs in the traveling museum exhibition Sound & Vision: Monumental Rock and Roll Photographs, organized in association with the Columbus Museum. Feinstein’s photographs were a key component of The Revolution of Rock & Roll exhibition in Havana, Cuba, organized by Govinda Gallery in cooperation with Fototeca de Cuba, Cuba’s national photo gallery. The exhibition was a sensation! Though Barry Feinstein passed on in 2011, his spirit remains with us, and always will, through the legacy of his acclaimed photographic career.

Janis Joplin, Pearl, 1970. © The Estate of Barry Feinstein.

I end this celebration of Barry with the last paragraph from my introduction to Barry’s new book George Harrison: Be Here Now.

“George Harrison and Barry Feinstein’s paths were meant to come together. They were two creative individuals who complimented each other—one born in  Liverpool and the other born in Philadelphia. It is fifty years since All Things Must Pass was released and these photos were first taken. Harrison’s music and song have proved to be timeless, and Feinstein’s photos still delight the eye and tell their story. Their work will always remain with us in sound and vision.” – Chris Murray

George Harrison, Friar Park, 1970.  © The Estate of Barry Feinstein.

George Harrison: Be Here Now is available from Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

Beggars Banquet, front and back covers, 1968. © The Estate of Barry Feinstein.
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