Bob Colacello and Andy Warhol Exhibition at Govinda Gallery

by Chris Murray on October 11, 2020
Chris & Andy at Watergate, 1980. Photo by Bob Colacello.

Yesterday marked 30 years to the day that Govinda Gallery hosted the first exhibition of Bob Colacello’s photographs, a two-person show which also featured Colacello’s former boss and mentor Andy Warhol and his photographs. Bob’s exhibition was also a launch for Holy Terror (Harper Collins) his biography of Andy Warhol. The photographs from Warhol’s “Exposures” portfolio were on exhibit and featured his images of Truman Capote, Diana Vreeland, and Tennessee Williams among others.

Exhibition card from 1990.

Bob and I became lifelong friends starting at Georgetown University where we spent four years together. Along with being a most dear friend, Bob has long been a great influence in so many ways with my work at Govinda Gallery.

Bob Colacello in NYC circa 1971.

Bob wrote in his biography of Warhol about the photo at the start of this post, of myself and Andy relaxing together in his suite at the Watergate Hotel in 1980. Not long after Bob took the photo, Andy went to the bedroom to change into his black tie for a formal reception he was going to attend at the White House. After Warhol left for the reception, Bob and I had a great time catching up and watching TV.

When Andy returned Bob and I sat with him while he told us great stories about his evening at the White House. At one point Andy got up and started to take off his tuxedo pants. I was somewhat surprised to have Andy undress in front of me, until I saw he was wearing blue jeans under his tuxedo pants!! I thought to myself how cool is Andy to wear his jeans under his black tie trousers at the White House!

I loved Andy…he was a cornerstone of Govinda Gallery, and so is Bob Colacello.

Larry Rivers, Francois de Menil, and Andy Warhol, 1976. Photo by Bob Colacello.

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