The Golden Stone Years: An All-Star Performance Featuring the Music of Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones

by Chris Murray on September 4, 2019

A highlight of my summer was attending a concert on August 17th honoring Brian Jones, his music with the Rolling Stones, and his influences. The concert was hosted by Donovan and his wife and muse, Linda, and Kenney Jones, the legendary drummer for The Small Faces, Faces, and The Who, at the Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Surrey.

Among the amazing performers I saw were Kenney Jones & The Jones Gang, The Waterboys, Glen Matlock and The Tough Cookies, Lola Lennox, London Contemporary Voices Choir, and Joolz Jones the grandson of Brian Jones. Also featured were Cleo Sylvestre and Stash de Rola. A number of the musical artists performed songs by Muddy Waters, Elmore James and others who influenced Brian Jones, as well as songs from the era that Brian Jones was with the Rolling Stones.

Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray and Kenney Jones. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

It was a great moment when Donovan appeared on stage and sang “Ruby Tuesday” with several of the participating musicians, including Joolz Jones, and singers from the London Contemporary Voices Choir. It was such an uplifting moment that the audience also joined in.

Donovan singing “Ruby Tuesday” with The Waterboys, Joolz Jones, and others. Govinda Gallery Archive.

Donovan also brought from London the singer Cleo Sylvestre to perform. In 1964 Cleo recorded “To Know Him Is to Love Him” and she was backed by Brian Jones and the Stones for that recording. Donovan introduced Cleo at the concert, and she delivered an amazing blues performance.

Cleo Sylvestre and the Rolling Stones, London, 1964. Photo courtesy of Cleo Sylvestre.
Cleo Sylvestre leaving South Lodge for the gig. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

Donovan then introduced the amazing Stash de Rola, one of Brian Jones’ and the Stones’ closest friends. Stash came out and mesmerized the audience with an extraordinary improvisational solo performance on electric keyboard. It was one of the coolest things I had seen in a long time. Stash had performed in the early 60s with Vince Taylor and the Playboys. His sense of style and fashion was much appreciated in Swinging London in the 60s. He also happens to be the son of the great painter Balthus. Stash is currently featured in Gucci’s newest ad-campaign with Harry Styles.

Stash de Rola on the right and Harry Styles on the left, featured in the new Gucci fragrance campaign.
Chris Murray and Stash de Rola at the South Lodge, Horsham. Photo by Carlotta Hester.

Donovan and Stash’s presence on stage honoring Brian Jones was remarkable… two Rock & Roll shamans. Donovan’s ecstatic music and song has been charming and healing people with its beauty for a long time.

Poet Ian Griffiths and artist Carol Lawrence with Joolz Jones and Carlotta Hester, Hurtwood Park Polo Club. Photo by Chris Murray.

Joolz Jones was a brilliant presence at the concert. Every time he picked up the guitar or joined in on song it was a great vibe. Here is a short video of Joolz performing “Satisfaction” at the concert.

Chris Murray about to leave South Lodge for the Brian Jones Tribute Concert. Photo by Carlotta Hester.
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