Bill Adair, Brian Jackson, Montserrat House, and 4/20

by Patrick Pearse on April 10, 2019

Bill Adair‘s Golden Doors to Infinity opens April 20th at Montserrat House. Adair and Govinda Gallery director, Chris Murray, brought over a dozen of Adair’s Golden Doors to Montserrat House this week for the installation.

It was a great surprise and pleasure to meet the musical genius, Brian Jackson, at Montserrat House. Jackson was doing some recording at the Montserrat House recording studio. Jackson, who collaborated with the legendary Gil Scott-Heron on many of his extraordinary albums including Pieces of a Man, enjoyed a preview of a Adair’s Golden Doors to Infinity.

                   Brian Jackson with Bill Adair and his “Burning Man” door. Photo by Puma.

                     Eric Hilton and Chris Murray at 2016 9th St. NW. Photo by Sueraya Shaheen.

Chris Murray from Govinda Gallery and Eric Hilton at Montserrat House are collaborating on bringing some extraordinary exhibitions and events to Montserrat House. Come see Bill Adair’s compelling installation, Golden Doors to Infinity, on April 20th, 2016 9th St., NW from 3 – 6pm.

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1 response to “Bill Adair, Brian Jackson, Montserrat House, and 4/20”

  1. Barbara Cuttriss says:

    I remember those Golden Dioors when Bill Adair was at Gypsey Sally’s. Loved those doirs?

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