John Lennon and Andy Warhol: The Way We Were

by Chris Murray on December 7, 2018

                 Andy Warhol and John Lennon, NYC 1972. Photo by Bob Gruen.

I was with Andy Warhol at his studio, The Factory, the morning after John Lennon was murdered, 38 years ago today. In my introduction to Allan Tannenbaum’s book of photos, John & Yoko: A New York Love Story, I wrote about being with Andy that day: “While Allan struggled to make sense of the world on that horrible morning after John’s death, I was with Andy Warhol, who knew John and liked him. Everyone in Andy’s studio was in shock. Well aware of the fact that Andy had been shot and nearly killed by a crazed gunman in 1968, I asked him what he thought of John’s death. Andy looked at me and quietly said, ‘I like to say he went uptown.’”

                                              John & Yoko: A New York Love Story by Allan                                                                                                Tannenbaum, Yoko Ono, and Chris Murray


“Having grown up without a father, I had Andy.” – Sean Lennon

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1 response to “John Lennon and Andy Warhol: The Way We Were”

  1. Christine Nassikas says:

    Love this Chris!! Didn’t know you were with Andy the morning after this horrific event. And didn’t know there
    was an attempt on Andy. Wow!! Life is fragile!!

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