Jane McCormick’s Exhibition in Belfast

by Chris Murray on November 13, 2018

                    Jane McCormick                                                                Photo by Joe Keenan

One of my favorite artists is Jane McCormick. She lives in Ireland and her exhibition of drawings, prints and assemblages, “Not Half Right,” just opened in Belfast at Atypical Gallery. If you happen to be in Belfast, check it out. The exhibition continues until December 21st.

Dr. Low’s Prescription by Jane McCormick

St Dympna’s Cure by Jane McCormick

Sweetener For The Bitter Pill by Jane McCormick

                    Jane McCormick gathering materials for one of her works at Dympna’s Well,                                              Co. Cavan, Ireland © Carlotta Hester

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1 response to “Jane McCormick’s Exhibition in Belfast”

  1. Mary Catherine Beyda says:

    Does Jane McCormick ever show in the States? Love her work.

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