Donovan in Donegal

by Chris Murray on July 26, 2018

Leo’s Tavern 50th anniversary banner. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

I was just looking at the cover of the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine, from November 1967. Donovan was the inaugural interview and is referred to on the cover as the “manchild of magic.”

Artist Carlotta Hester outside Leo’s Tavern. Photograph by Chris Murray.

Donovan brought his “magic” to County Donegal in Ireland a couple of weeks ago to Leo’s Tavern, one of the great music pubs in all of Ireland. Donovan was performing as a celebration of Leo’s Tavern’s 50th anniversary. It was also the last gig of Donovan’s three years of touring. The “magic” was in the air!

The view outside Donovan’s hotel. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

Donovan, Irish artist Marilyn Gaffney, Donovan’s wife and muse Linda Lawrence, and Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray. The Farnham Estate Hotel and Spa. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

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2 responses to “Donovan in Donegal”

  1. Paul Steinberg says:

    Loved hearing Donovan’s music in the film “American Animals”. His music was so well-produced, and the songs really hold up well. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Christine Nassikas says:

    It looks so beautiful. You are obviously having
    an amazing time.

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