The Strypes Rock U St. Music Hall

by Chris Murray on March 27, 2018

The Strypes are the best young rock band in Ireland.  Last weekend they killed it at the U St. Music Hall and the crowd could not get enough.

I saw Miles Davis at Bohemian Caverns on U St. in the mid-sixties, and this was the best show I have seen on U St. since that one!

Here are some great photos from the evening by Nalinee Darmrong.  Govinda Gallery organized an exhibition of Nalinee’s photographs of The Smiths in Los Angeles at Mr. Musichead Gallery. It was terrific that Nalinee was there at U St. to photograph The Strypes — an amazing band and an amazing photographer.

Pete O’Hanlon.

Josh McClorey.

Ross Farrelly.

Evan Walsh.

Backstage with The Strypes.

Artist Carlotta Hester, Chris Murray, girl about town Allesandra, and Patricia Baggio, who hosted a lunch for the Strypes at Darlington House.

Strypes CDs.

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2 responses to “The Strypes Rock U St. Music Hall”

  1. Dermot Walsh says:

    Wonderful photos of a wonderful band. America is made for them.

  2. Lynda says:

    Thank you for sharing this info and amazing pics of The Strypes! I am such a fan and wish the US would get onboard with “….the best young rock band in Ireland.”

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