Happy 75th to George Harrison!

by Chris Murray on February 19, 2018

This Sunday is George Harrison’s 75th birthday. The world is a better place with George having been born. He inspired so many people. Govinda Gallery has exhibited master photographs of George Harrison by Harry Benson, Barry Feinstein, Baron Wolman, Mark Seliger, Linda McCartney, David Kennerly, Michael Cooper, Henry Grossman, Jim Marshall, Jurgen Vollmer, Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler.

These two photos of George were taken by William Coupon in 1988 in Los Angeles for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. They are among my favorite portraits of George Harrison. Jai Sri Krishna!

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4 responses to “Happy 75th to George Harrison!”

  1. Daniel Clark says:

    “Such sweet memories have I…”

  2. Always, my favorite Beatle! So inspirational to me as a guitarist. As you know I dissected every one of those early leads and, with my Gretsch, was able to come pretty close. (Of course, you broke new ground with your lead in “All My Loving” but that’s another story.)
    We’ll be having our own special tribute to George on Sunday here in Malibu.

  3. lynne gomez says:

    yes—George was an inspiration to a lot of folks. i’ll always love his music.

  4. Christine Nassikas says:

    Happy Birthday George!!
    Chris, don’t forget to delete this email address and put me in as doggietoots@gmail.com

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