Artist Carl Titolo’s Sketchbooks, Richard Lewis and Larry David

by Chris Murray on November 8, 2017

Richard Lewis calls the artist Carl Titolo a genius.  Lewis knows what he is talking about.

Lewis, a comedic genius himself, who collects Titolo’s paintings, asked the artist and professor to “shed some light on my darkness” by creating images to illustrate Lewis’ stream-of-consciousness thoughts for his book Reflections from Hell: Richard Lewis’ Guide on How Not to Live (powerHouse Books). Larry David contributed a hilarious and tender foreword to the book! Richard Lewis is featured in Larry David’s new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here is a page from the book:

Richard Lewis just sent me a minute-long video from the School of Visual Arts Press in NYC, of one of Carl Titolo’s sketch books, which I share with you. Titolo is a professor at the School of Visual Arts. Take a look and you will see why Lewis calls Titolo a genius.

Reflections from Hell is published by powerHouse Books and is available through Amazon and bookstores.  It includes a preface by the book’s editor, Chris Murray.

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