Happy Birthday Bruce!

by Chris Murray on September 20, 2017

Bruce Springsteen’s birthday is this Saturday, September 23rd. Happy Birthday Bruce!

Bruce Springsteen Crawdaddy Magazine Party, June 8, 1976. Photograph by David Gahr. Copyright The Estate of David Gahr.

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1 response to “Happy Birthday Bruce!”

  1. patty moran says:

    Hi Chris and Carlotta!

    It is Patty Moran formerly of Betsey Johnson-asying hello! Cath Nation send me a text when she saw you guys-so good!!

    Anyhow I have a dear friend who is showing his art in the DC area, and I think you may be interested. He is Kosmo Vinyl- in the 70’s he was band manager for Ian Dury and then in the 80’s for the Clash.

    Can you send me your email address-patty479@gmail.com

    Hope you are both fantastic!

    Xx Patty

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