Dylan Exhibitions Open in Havana and New York City

by Chris Murray on April 13, 2017

Ted Russell’s exhibition of photos of Bob Dylan opens next Thursday evening, April 20th, at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York City. This is the first exhibition in New York of Russell’s remarkable photos of Dylan’s first years in Greenwich Village. Russell will be at the opening to sign copies of his book, Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964. Steven Kasher Gallery is at 515 W 26th St and the opening is from 6-8 pm.

Bob Dylan coming up the stairs, Gerde's Folk City. Photograph by Ted Russell. Bob Dylan coming up the stairs, Gerde’s Folk City, 1961. Photograph by Ted Russell.

I just returned from Havana and the launch of Russell’s Dylan exhibition at Cuba’s national gallery of photography…Fototeca de Cuba. The exhibition opening was a great celebration of Bob Dylan and Ted Russell’s photographs. I will be posting a number of blogs from the exhibition in Cuba, but here are a few photos from opening night and a video of young Cuban dancers performing in front of Fototeca de Cuba.

Banner Balcony of Fototeca de Cuba with Ted Russell banner. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

Visitors at Fototeca de Cuba Visitors at Fototeca de Cuba. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

Exhibition installation at Fototeca de Cuba Exhibition installation photo at Fototeca de Cuba. Photograph by Carlotta Hester.

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1 response to “Dylan Exhibitions Open in Havana and New York City”

  1. Larry Pryluck says:

    Is it my imagination or is the lighting of the photographs at the Russell/Dylan exhibition in Havana that strange? Some photos are brightly lit while ones immediately to the left or right are in relative darkness. Was it intentional or just part of the learning curve as an exhibit opens?

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