Ziggy Marley Live in Concert Last Night

by Chris Murray on June 22, 2016

I went to see Ziggy Marley last night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. Ziggy and his band were terrific with his two backup singers/dancers providing a lot of energy at the front of the stage. The music hall was packed with a very appreciative crowd.

After the show we had an opportunity to visit Ziggy backstage. He exuded a beautiful warmth and a charming vibration. I had the opportunity to give Ziggy a copy of Knockout: The Art of Boxing, the boxing book I edited featuring Ken Regan’s photographs with Muhammad Ali on the cover. Ziggy is a fan of boxing and soccer, and I gave him the book in memory of Muhammad Ali.

FullSizeRenderThe dressing room of the Fillmore with Ziggy Marley. © David Murray.

IMG_6110Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray, Ziggy Marley, and David Murray. © Carlotta Hester

IMG_6098David Murray and Carlotta Hester

IMG_6099The stage door.

soul rebel govinda gallery david burnettThe cover of Soul Rebel featuring David Burnett’s photographs and edited by Chris Murray.

f46f85c8a4e6c5326dac278dbc7f997eBob Marley playing soccer at an arena before a gig, Exodus tour 1977. © David Burnett

I’ll never forget the first exhibition I organized in Havana, Cuba La Revolucion del Rock and Roll in 2002. The invitation card featured on the inside Kate Simon’s portrait of Bob Marley. A photo from that session of Kate Simon’s was used on the cover of Marley’s album Kaya. There was a great group of Cuban rastas who would gather at Parque Central in Havana each day. I gave them invitations to the exhibition which they treasured. Here are a few photos of some of the Cuban rastas.

img074Cuban rasta holding the invitation card for La Revolucion del Rock and Roll. Parque Central, 2002.

img073Cuban rastas at the Fototeca de Cuba exhibition.

img072Cuban rasta enjoying a portrait of Little Richard at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1963, by Siegfried Loch.

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