Photographs from the opening reception at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin for the Bob Dylan and The Pure Drop exhibitions featuring Ted Russell and Carlotta Hester

by Chris Murray on February 16, 2016

This is the last week for the Bob Dylan exhibition of Ted Russell’s photographs and Carlotta Hester’s drawings of traditional musical artists at The Gallery of Photography in Dublin. Here are some snapshots from the opening reception.

FullSizeRenderThe Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland’s national center for contemporary photography. © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderFront window of the Gallery of Photography. © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderExhibition curator and Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderReception and book store at the Gallery of Photography. © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderExhibition curator Chris Murray about to be interviewed by © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderTanya Kiang co-director of the Gallery of Photography introducing Chris Murray for his talk before the opening reception. © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderExhibition curator Chris Murray talking about Ted Russell and his photographs of Bob Dylan.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderSome of the crowd at the opening reception for the Dylan exhibition.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderSinger-songwriter Adrian Crowley. © Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderOne of the museum’s galleries for the Dylan exhibition.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderPartial view of the Dylan and The Pure Drop exhibitions.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderCarlotta Hester in front of some of her live-action drawings of traditional musical artists.© Chris Murray

FullSizeRenderIrish performance artist Jess Keenan with Carlotta Hester.© Chris Murray

FullSizeRenderCurator Chris Murray pointing to The Pure Drop exhibition sponsor’s logo, Staunton’s on the Green.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderStaunton’s on the Green owner and The Pure Drop exhibition sponsor Jim Staunton with artist Carlotta Hester.© Chris Murray

FullSizeRenderPart of the Pure Drop installation.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderLegendary accordion player and radio personality Martin Donohoe enjoying Carlotta Hester’s drawing of him on his Northern Sounds radio show “The Wind That Blows”© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderChris Murray enjoying The Pure Drop exhibition with the museum’s installation and facilities director Pete Smyth.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderChris Murray signing the Bob Dylan book with friends Lindsay and Fergal O’Toole.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderIndependent curator John Kenny and photographer Eoghan Barry.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderCarlotta Hester with Dubliners Annie Finnigan and Fergal Finnigan.© Chris Murray

FullSizeRenderThe Gallery of Photography co-directors Trish Lambe and Tanya Kiang.© Carlotta Hester

FullSizeRenderBob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 exhibition poster.© Carlotta Hester

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