The Poet’s Door featuring Walt Whitman by William Adair

by Chris Murray on November 24, 2014

goldendoorThe Poet’s Door by William Adair with Nevada Schadler, Georgetown University’s Red Square.

On Veteran’s Day William Adair brought to the Georgetown University campus a work from his “Golden Doors to Infinity” series of gilded doors that are then inscribed and marked by the public. This door was dedicated to Walt Whitman, who nursed Civil War soldiers in Washington and wrote poems in honor of veterans. People who saw the door on the university campus during the Veteran’s Day event there were very happy to be able to be part of the Golden Door series by writing comments and phrases on the door. This door was produced in collaboration with Nevada Schadler at Georgetown University.

Adair’s “Golden Doors to Infinity” project goes to Los Angeles in January in an exhibition at Mr. Musichead Gallery on Sunset Blvd. Watch this space for more information on that exhibition.

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