Robin Williams 1951-2014

by Chris Murray on August 13, 2014

Robin Williams by Arthur Grace© Arthur Grace

“It’s not so much what a comedian does on stage, it’s what remains on stage after the comedian’s left.” – Jack Rollins, from the Introduction to Comedians by Arthur Grace.

In January 1994 Govinda Gallery featured an exhibition of photographs of comedians by photojournalist Arthur Grace. The exhibition also celebrated the publication of Grace’s book of photos and stories called Comedians. Robin Williams was Arthur Grace’s entry into the world of comedians. Grace featured his wonderful portrait of Williams holding a baby on the cover of his book as well as a portrait of Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire on the invitation card for his Govinda exhibition… he dedicated his book Comedians to Robin Williams. Our lives are richer because of Robin Williams’ artistry.

Robin Williams Govinda Gallery Arthur Grace

“Ah, death. Nature’s way of saying, ‘Check, please!'” – Robin Williams

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