Washington Post Galleries Review of Walter Egan’s “Martyrs of Rock” and William Adair’s “The Golden Doors to Infinity”

by Chris Murray on March 20, 2014

This evening, the spring equinox, Walter Egan will be performing an acoustic set of songs at Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown at 7:00 p.m. to celebrate the “Martyr’s of Rock” and “The Golden Doors to Infinity” exhibitions. Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

March 16, 2014

William Adair, Walter Egan
Local artist William Adair is known for his work with frames, portals, mirrors and metallic leaf, all of which feature in “The Golden Doors to Infinity,” at Gypsy Sally’s, a Georgetown nightclub that includes a display space. (It’s programed by Chris Murray, whose Govinda Gallery used to be nearby.) Adair’s project is a traveling exhibition, and its journey is part of the concept.
The three doors on display are adorned with graffiti, and ready for more. (Markers are provided.) Whatever messages people wish to scrawl will march from Normandy, where the doors will arrive on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, to Berlin, following the route of U.S. troops during World War II. The piece will end up in the California desert, left to decay. The symbolism of all this includes the obvious – opening/closing – entering/departing – as well as Adair’s personal themes. But as that supply of pens indicates, he’s open to other people’s ideas as well.
Adair’s golden doors were inspired by a Flying Burrito Brothers song, “Sin City,” and its co-writer, Gram Parsons. That pioneering country-rocker’s visage is among those in “The Martyrs of Rock,” also at Gypsy Sally’s. The portraits of departed musicians are by Walter Egan, who began his career with D.C.’s Sageworth & Drums and whose “Magnet and Steel” was a Top 10 hit in 1978. Egan’s pictures probably will appeal less to art connoisseurs than rock fans, who are advised to check out the exhibition at 7 p.m. on March 20. That’s when Egan will perform a free show in which he will sing a tune associated with each of the performers he has memorialized.


On view through March 29 at Gypsy Sally’s, 3401 K St NW; 202-333-7700; gypsysallys.com.

The Estonia Door, Washington, DC. Copyright © William Adair. All Rights Reserved.

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