J.F.K., Jacques Lowe, and Nancy Pelosi at the Newseum

by Chris Murray on April 23, 2013

Copyright © Gene Moz. All Rights Reserved. Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray presenting the Honorable Nancy Pelosi with the invitation card from Jacques Lowe’s 1998 Govinda Gallery exhibition.

It was fifteen years ago this spring that Govinda Gallery presented J.F.K. Remembered, exhibiting for the first time the Kennedy photographs of Jacques Lowe. The exhibition was a remarkable one and featured photos of President Kennedy and his family. Former Kennedy Press Secretary Pierre Salinger attended the opening that evening and put his unforgettable voice on Govinda’s answering machine announcing the exhibition for the duration of the show. Jacques Lowe attended the opening at Govinda with his daughter Victoria Allen and everyone had a great time.

I attended the opening reception for Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacque Lowe at the Newseum April 11th. Some of the VIPs attending included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, CBS president Les Moonves, Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and secret service agent Clint Hill, among others. I had the great pleasure of introducing Victoria Allen to Nancy Pelosi and presented Pelosi with a vintage invitation from Jacques Lowe’s exhibition at Govinda Gallery in 1998, which she enjoyed very much.

Copyright © Gene Moz. All Rights Reserved. Carlotta Hester and Victoria Allen at the Creating Camelot opening recption.

2 responses to “J.F.K., Jacques Lowe, and Nancy Pelosi at the Newseum”

  1. christine nassikas says:

    beautiful carlotta!! looks like a very special night! i would like to see this exhibit.

  2. Diane Seeger says:

    As a Newseum member I saw Jacque Lowe’s photographs in person at the Newseum. He’s a natural for bringing out the personalities and lifestyle of the Kennedy family and the events that created Camelot!

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