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by Chris Murray on July 8, 2011

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Carlotta Hester’s exhibition of drawings, The Pure Drop, was a milestone for Govinda Gallery. Govinda opened it’s doors in June of 1975, and Hester’s show marks the completion of thirty-five years of exhibitions on 34th Street in Georgetown. Our thirty-five years in Georgetown established Govinda as the longest running gallery at the same location in the history of Washington, D.C. I want to thank everyone over the years who have given us so much inspiration and support… the artists, collectors, staff, journalists, and all the friends of Govinda Gallery.

We are pleased to take this occasion to announce the opening of our new office dedicated to organizing and curating exhibitions for museums and other venues, the publishing of fine books, and continuing to assist and advise collectors of fine art. Our focus the last few years has already been on these endeavors and we will now be able to provide even better services for all of those activities.

Although no longer on 34th Street, we still have the same phone number and the same email address and look forward to staying in touch with you. We have many exciting shows starting in the fall, including upcoming exhibitions in Mobile Alabama, Washington D.C., Columbus Georgia, Richmond Virginia, Chattanooga Tennessee, Abilene Kansas, and Charleston South Carolina, among others.

Please enjoy this link, posted for the first time, to Govinda Gallery’s exhibition history on 34th Street in Georgetown.

* The Omega Point is a term coined by the philosopher Pierre Teihard de Chardin to describe a maximum level of consciousness and complexity towards which the universe is evolving.

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6 responses to “Govinda Gallery/The Omega Point*”

  1. Linda Donovan says:

    I never got to see Carlotta’s show! Damn.
    Where is everything in the Gallery?
    Lots of love in the new endeavour!

  2. Stephen Verges says:

    Chris … I took my mom to your gallery. I was so sad nothing was there. Not even the head of Douglas Jamal with an apple in his mouth. Please open another gallery, I don’t see you as an archivist for long and I hope to see you open soon. Hare Krishna.

  3. Walter Leisersohn says:

    Seeing your photo in front of a very young Govinda brought a warm smile to my face . This was a time of beginnings for many of us. Your raw youth and energy are evident in this photo.
    When I walked down 34th street the other day and saw your kind note in the window it was not in the least unsettling. It was like “out for lunch ” or ” closed for the Summer”.
    I hope that you will enjoy the next part of the journey.
    Much LOve and Best Wishes,

  4. John Ritz says:

    Please keep me informed, updated and in the know. I’m always looking forward to this e-mail as well as friends of mine who share this interest. It is great talking with you, when you can be caught. The conversation is wonderful. Here’s to the future.

  5. Vic Naumann says:

    I just saw the story in the Washington Post. Sad to see the gallery close, glad to see you will still be involved with art.

    Attending the Annie Leibovitz show in 1984 was instrumental in convincing me to continue with photography.

    It has been a pleasure knowing you and your wonderful work, and working on your old Buick long ago.

    Best wishes for the future,

    Vic Naumann

  6. Cathy Conger says:

    Govinda gallery will be missed! 34th Street will never be the same.

    Good luck in all your new adventures.


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