In Memory of Elizabeth Taylor

by Chris Murray on March 23, 2011

Liz… the most beautiful woman in the world. We love you, your beauty, your talent, your generosity, and your courage.

Elizabeth Taylor Copyright © Douglas Kirkland. All Rights Reserved.

February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

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4 responses to “In Memory of Elizabeth Taylor”

  1. Stephanie Mansfield says:

    I met her once, years ago when she married John Warner. We went there for a picnic. She was really funny and gracious and when we were in the kitchen, she pointed to the ceiling. There was something thin and dried, with written scribbled words. It was a strand of old spaghetti with her autograph and date. She and John used to squabble over whether the pasta was al dente. The only way to tell, she said, was to throw a piece on the ceiling and see if it sticked.
    He adored her. They split because being the wife of a Senator was a huge demotion for her. But they always remained close friends.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth Taylor (she hated being called Liz) for loving and supporting people with Aids at a time when most shunned them and feared catching their disease. You were a beacon of light and love to millions, and you raised over $325 million for Aids research. The world owes you a grateful farewell.

  3. Lisa Law says:

    Yes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world and I was very honored to meet her in Taos, New Mexico when she came for the Film Festival there. She will be missed and I know she will come back right away..with energy like could she not. The spirit never just takes on a new body. My condolences to all those she left behind, especially her children and grand children. Follow the light Liz. Love, Lisa Law

  4. Funny, I just mentioned Elizabeth Taylor this morning to a colleague here at Georgetown University, I did not yet know of her death. Georgetown University is currently having a Tennesee Williams festival. I loved her in Tennesee Williams’ fabulous play, “Suddenly Last Summer” also starring Montgomery Clift & Katherine Hepburn.

    I think Liz Taylor was at her peak in terms of physical beauty, presence and performance in this classic quasi-horror movie.

    Kate Hepburn plays the devouring, sick mother who produces a homosexual son, a very 1950’s Freudian theme. The young, voluptuous Taylor takes over for the now older Kate to attract lovers for the gay son in Europe. He is later eaten, perhaps literally by hot, impoverished beach boys. So Hollywood…Liz is so beautiful, a must rent!!!

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